P@T€K PHILIPP€ 9100 multi-function – High Quality Rep Watches For Sale – mngbhzq – 1342



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100% genuine material, matching the quality of the authentic P@T€K PHILIPP€(imported material);

  • 1:1 mirror image quality (exactly same as original)
  • The product images are our own. Its the image of the actual replica product
  • Our Guarantee:  The product you receive will look exactly as our product images in terms of quality and description!
  • Delivery: 7-15 days normal times (excluding emergencies like Corona Virus which slowed logistics operation all around the World)


1:1 Replica watached for sale

P@T€K PHILIPP€ noble art! Equipped with imported 9100 multi-function movement (0 repair) function (24 hours, week, star, month) imported 316 stainless steel! Matched with calfskin imported from Italy! Original folding buckle! The size is 42mm. Wear-resistant scratch-resistant sapphire glass! Super waterproof to 50 meters! Minimal but not simplify! You can never own a piece of Patek Philippe, you are just keeping it for your offspring. (Careful promise: the product has a better physical gloss and feels, exquisite dial scales are lifelike, shell craftsmanship are all master-level light inspections plus high-tech forging machines in the new era The hands-on shock is noble and extraordinary. You deserve it!


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