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Color: Gray White

Delivery: 7-15 DAYS

Women’s Size Chart

US5=UK3 1/2=FR36=JP220=CHN215
US5 1/2=UK4=FR36 2/3=JP225=CHN220
US6=UK4 1/2=FR37 1/3=JP230=CHN225
US6 1/2=UK5=FR38=JP235=CHN230
US7=UK5 1/2=FR38 2/3=JP240=CHN235
US7 1/2=UK6=FR39 1/3=JP245=CHN240

Men’s Size Chart
US7=UK6 1/2=FR40=JP250=CHN245
US7 1/2=UK7=FR40 2/3=JP255=CHN250
US8=UK7 1/2=FR41 1/3=JP260=CHN255
US8 1/2=UK8=FR42=JP265=CHN260
US9=UK8 1/2=FR42 2/3=JP270=CHN265
US9 1/2=UK9=FR43 1/3=JP275=CHN265
US10=UK9 1/2=FR44=JP280=CHN270
US10 1/2=UK10=FR44 2/3=JP285=CHN275


Replica Shoes – Best Converse x Dior Replica Shoes for Sale (Huge Discount)

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Additional information

Shoe Size

38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44


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