Bulg@ri BVLG@RI qu@rtz female watch – High Quality Rep Watches For Sale – zxhd0hq-0541



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100% genuine material, matching the quality of the authentic BVLG@RI (imported material);

  • 1:1 mirror image quality (exactly same as original)
  • The product images are our own. Its the image of the actual replica product
  • Our Guarantee:  The product you receive will look exactly as our product images in terms of quality and description!
  • Delivery: 7-15 days normal times (excluding emergencies like Corona Virus which slowed logistics operation all around the World)


Channel hard goods! Non-market low version! Details details! BVLGARI! The most direct identification method is the bottom cover, the counters are stamped and fixed in one piece! Not fixed by screws! So our real channel tip cargo bottom cover does not have screws! Please be aware! There is also the strap, the number of strap sections is 9! What 8 stanzas, 7 stanzas are all silly! remember!

 It’s 9 knots, 9 knots! Please refer to the genuine product! Don’t compare the market with the currency of the basic movement, thank you! The tag can scan the QR code to view the detailed parameters of the watch online! One table and two codes, bottom cover, guarantee card, one-to-one correspondence!

 Each watch has its own unique ID code! Not repeating! In 1977, Bulg@ri’s first generation of BVLG@RI BVLG@RI series watches officially came out! It attracts countless jewelry fans, especially many domestic and foreign celebrities and upper-class celebrities are deeply fascinated by this, it can be said that it is a classic among the classics! 

Every detail is highlighting Bulgari’s unique luxury craftsmanship, and it is a noble amorous feeling between raising your hands and raising your head! The surface is inlaid with 12 Vs1.2 real diamonds, each of which is binling✨ binling✨GTC China authoritative certification, channel goods! 

Arrived after a year of bumps! But never disappoint! Bvlg@ri BVLG@RL is a perfect combination of fashion and elegance. The dial size is 26mm and the Swiss quartz original ETA901.001 movement. This movement is known for its stability, precision and durability! It is well maintained and worn for ten years. The sapphire crystal mirror is literally designed with oil pressure and fire pattern. The font is full and three-dimensional, and the texture is delicate. The crown design with cabochons is the most in this series. One of the unique signs, showing a gradual effect under different lights, is very beautiful, plus 12 VS1.2 real diamonds that echo the dial, the Italian style is ready to come out! The dial with the sun’s radial pattern and the diamond hour markers interpret the feminine charm of a woman! 

The uniquely designed bracelet and the polished metal geometric structure complement each other to tightly surround the charming round watch dial. The master of colored gems, the calm temperament that makes your heart beat, low-key and never vulgar, all-match is absolutely extraordinary, let the series make every day dazzling, let every style flow naturally, everything is just right, no difference, stylish The style and the free and easy temperament make you fall in love at first sight 💓With a full set of counter packaging, it is very face-free whether you give gifts or keep yourself! 


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