VIDEO: Growing goji berries in North America

I’ve long been a fan of dried goji berries. This healthy little fruit is delicious, with a sweet, slightly salty flavour unlike anything else. Paired with a handful of nuts, they’re a perfect snack.

The vast majority of goji berries are grown overseas, so I was intrigued to find out that a local farmer in British Columbia is having success with the crop. Peter Breederland of Gojoy was generous enough to show me around his farm, where I tasted my first-ever fresh goji. Delicious and so juicy!

It’s inspiring to see how innovative farmers are experimenting with growing non-traditional crops. I’m now eager to get some goji plants for my own garden. Until then, I’ll rely on Gojoy to help supply my smoothies with local berry goodness.

Note: I was given free samples in the course of writing this post and making the video.

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