Abundant City is a weekly blog that shares simple and effective techniques for growing food on an urban home garden scale.

My name is Rebecca Cuttler and I grow a huge amount of vegetables on a small city lot in Vancouver, B.C. The garden isn’t where I currently live. It’s a 40-minute bike ride away at my parents’ home, because that’s what you have to do to find space in an expensive city like Vancouver. Nevertheless, with six 4’x8’ beds and some side areas, our south-facing backyard provides me, my husband, my mom and dad with most of the green vegetables we eat for most of the year — plus plenty to share with friends.

I spend one very full day per week in the garden and receive family help with watering and maintenance. When I’m not in the garden, I’m working at my full-time job with Renewal Funds helping individuals and entrepreneurs to align their money and businesses with social and environmental values. I’m also a member of the City of Vancouver’s Food Policy Council, weekly gardening columnist for the Vancouver Observer, urban gardening teacher for Hollyhock, board member at the Environmental Youth Alliance, amateur web design nerd, and reluctant long-distance runner. Join me on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM every Tuesday afternoon at 5:00pm for Fabulous Urban Gardens on “Home” with host Jana Lynne White.

The garden is a family affair. My husband, Jason Margolis, is a television producer and the brilliant mind behind all of our videos. He’s our chief kimchi-eater and earthworm-saver and occasionally helps me dig things. My parents, Elaine and Gerry, are the providers of our garden space, chief waterers and site maintainers. I’m still trying to convince them to harvest more vegetables in between my visits.

Growing food is so much more than just a trend. It’s a complex discipline, a therapy for mind and body, and a lifelong practice.

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The urban vegetable garden, May 2015.
The family farm, May 2015.
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